May 4, 2019

Yuri Nakamura


When I was 29 years,I seriously thought about my life how I should live the rest of my life.

”I only live once. So enjoy my life!”

Through an overseas study tour, I was fascinated by possibilities in India.

So,I decided to live in India.


Work experience

My first company was the content creation company specialized in Fortune Telling.

I have 6 years of sales and marketing experience in the field.

When I was 27 years,I started to be interested in HR industry.

So I decided to change the job and worked at B-style as a PR staff.

B-style is Japanese HR company specialized in woman.

After 1 year,I shifted to India from Japan because my husband started his own business in India since 2017.

So,I joined to Miraist and I've been working here for almost 1 year as a sales and career consultant.

Favorite Words: Work hard play hard

Hobby: Training and running,Tarot fortune telling,Writing articles,Cooking(Japanese food)