May 4, 2019



There is undoubtedly something new to learn and look forward to each day be it the people you interact with, or the teams you collaborate with or the challenging assignment you are working on.

As a engineer , you have the privilege to play a key role in accomplishing this inspiring vision by identifying,building and engaging stellar talent to connect with world class opportunities at Miraist India Pvt limited.

Work experience

Rich Experience in Human Resource(Recruiting) more than 2+ years of Experience , Volume hiring ,IT Industry with a proven Track Record with Achievement.

Has handled IT MNC's I.e. Service based as well as Product based for Indian based client and closed Position From junior level till Higher designation such as delivery head , project manager etc.

Favorite Words: "Stay positive, work hard and make it happen"

Hobby: Beside Being excited about recruitment , I have my non-geeky side as well. In my free Time you would find me Listening song, Art and Craft.