February 2, 2019

Mitsutaka Sekino


If both India and Japan collaborate together,some unexpected synergy can happen!

When I first came to India, I got a clear idea like that.

We have started a recruitment agency in India since 2016. We have been mainly supporting Japanese candidates who want to work in India from Japan and Indian candidates who want to work at Japanese company in India.

Above all, we have also started to support Indian Engineer candidates who want to work in Japan.

We would like to create BRIDGE BETWEEN INDIA AND JAPAN.

My Career history

1973      Born in Aichi prefecture(Nagoya) in Japan

1997-2000 Worked as a semiconductor sales manager at Ryosan Company

2000-2007 Worked as an employment consultant, corporate sales manager and human resource management at Intelligence, Ltd.

2008-2015 Worked at Recruit Career Co., Ltd

            ・Established a new recruitment service for job seekers  who wish to work abroad.

            ・Established and leaded a branch in India, RGF Select INDIA as an representative of Japan Desk Business

            ・Set up a new department of service for supporting job seekers who wish to work in Asian countries

2016    Established Miraist in Gurgaon

Favorite Words: Create an opportunity by yourself and make yourself change by the opportunity

Hobby: Wadaiko(Japanese drumming)