3, Infrastructure Development Engineer (Network)

Job Description:

We, infrastructure software engineers, are responsible for building and operating the platform which enables it to connect applications and infrastructure seamlessly using software techniques and methods. 

In this position, You’ll be assigned to a project team to develop our private cloud “Verda” and will be responsible for any of below. 

■Developing network component related

・ Developing and operating data plane and control plane related with network component such as load balancer

・ Integration of network component (our own development) and various kinds of networking equipment

・ Validating programmable networking equipment and NIC

■Network designing related

・ Designing and developing  network infrastructure for OpenStack and kubernetes

・Designing data center network in consideration of multi-tenancy. 

Each responsibility is classified into either “data plane related” or “control plane related”. We will assign your responsibility as per your preference, skill, and experience.



・Experience of network related software development

・Extensive knowledge about protocol such as TCP, HTTP, TLS

・Systematical knowledge about network technology used for massive data center


Preferred Qualification:

These are good-to-have skill and experience. We do not necessarily require experience in both data plane and control plane.

・Experience of  designing and developing control plane software with DPDK, netmap, eXpress Data Path(XDP)

・Experience of designing and developing control plane software with Python, Ruby, Golang

・Experience of troubleshooting and tuning for network stuck of Linux kernel

・Have detailed knowledge about technology of constructing data center network such as BGP, VXLA

・Experience of designing and developing virtual network solution

・Experience of installation and operation of network equipment with Ansible, NAPALM


Job Category: Infrastructure Engineer
Job Location: tokyo

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