Important tips for working in Japan


This page will provide important tips to consider when working in Japanese companies.
If you’re working in Japan, here are 6 tips that you must remember on the way to prepare yourself for the cultural differences.



The pace of business is precise and on time, with an expectation of punctuality permeating the business culture in Japan. Japanese people are known to be very punctual. If possible, it is preferred that an employee shows up 30 minutes before the interview or meeting, which will leave a good impression on them. Being late even by a few minutes can be a big inconvenience to whoever they are meeting with. Remember, not inconveniencing others is one of the cornerstones of Japanese society.



Being honest with things you can do is better than lying about things you cannot do. If you can’t meet your deadlines, report it beforehand. You shouldn’t say “I can” to the things you cannot do. This may lead to mistrust when working.


【Polite attitude】

Even when you are not convinced, do not act emotionally. Indisputably, not only in Japan but all over the world, listening before reacting is a way to show polite custom. In Japanese business settings, people usually call each other by their last names plus the suffix –san. By doing so, you can show your respect to others. You shouldn’t cross your arms and legs in front of seniors, because this attitude makes them uncomfortable.



You have to complete the work till the end with a strong sense of responsibility, and commit to the target! 


【Team spirit】

It’s important to note that Japanese people prefer collaborating and are very good at working together in teams. It is important to be respectful of others, especially the elderly.


【Personal Relationships】

Cultivating personal relationships with others will be crucial to your success, as in Japanese culture adding the personal touch is important in developing a business relationship. You should strive to establish as many contacts in the organization as possible.


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