Important tips when taking a Japanese Interview


If you want to work in Japan, you will have to pass an interview with the Japanese companies. Irrespective of whether you are Japanese or not, there are certain business etiquettes/rules for an interview in Japanese companies.

This page will offer useful tips or things you should do to pass an interview. Preparing for a job interview can be tough, but don’t worry! These tips will make it easier for you.


【Know about your company】

If you want to pass the interview with a Japanese company, you need to know about the company in detail, like “What does the company make?” “What does the company do?” The company will be curious to know why you have applied for the job. You should think deeply about your motivations for applying to it. 



Preparing for an interview is a bit like rehearsing for a play. Knowing what you want to say or how you might answer questions is important, but it’s also crucial for the conversation to feel natural, and not like you’re reciting a script.

Try practicing your answers by speaking out loud to yourself or in front of a mirror. 


【Dress appropriately】

Dressing sharply will demonstrate your seriousness about the job and is something your potential employers will appreciate. 


【Don’t be late 】

Punctuality is everything in Japan and arriving late to an interview will likely disqualify you right away. 


【Turn off your phone】

In a quiet interview room or online interview, even vibrations on your phone can be heard and will be distracting. The best way to avoid this is to turn your phone off or turn on airplane mode so there are no embarrassing distractions. 


Correct attitude and behavior】

During an interview, your attitude and behavior are very important. These are the behaviors to avoid:


・Sitting cross-legged

・Folding your arms, hands in pockets


We have one more important point ! You should get enough sleep the night before your interview and plan your way to the interview location in order to avoid any troubles. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF AND DO YOUR BEST! 


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